CFL Flooring Expands Manufacturing Operations in Vietnam and the USA


CFL Flooring is making significant strides in increasing its production capacity worldwide by expanding its facilities in the United States and enhancing manufacturing capabilities in Vietnam.


In the USA, the CFL Factory’s expansion is well underway, aiming to better cater to the growing demand for their innovative flooring solutions. Concurrently, CFL is expanding its manufacturing in Vietnam to facilitate the development of hybrid resilient flooring products. This expansion involves two new buildings dedicated to the production of CFL’s patented Be-lite and Acoustic SPC, as well as next-generation WPC and NaturTrend Ultra-Matte finishes, which are designed to meet the ever-changing market needs.


Tom Van Poyer, CEO of CFL Flooring, expressed his enthusiasm for the expanded production projects, stating, “We are delighted to unveil our enhanced manufacturing capabilities across both continents. Our expansion in the USA will enable us to satisfy the rapidly increasing stateside demand for our innovative flooring products like NovoCore Q and Firmfit Matte. In Vietnam, we are equipping our team with the necessary technical assistance and machinery in modern, purpose-built facilities, ensuring that CFL’s commitment to innovation and sustainability remains at the forefront of our operations.”


Left – USA Facility,  Right – Vietnam Facility



CFL Flooring conducted complete Life Cycle Assessment of its rigid core products

Shanghai, 30th September 2022 – In order to continuously improve the sustainability of our products, CFL Flooring has conducted its first Life Cycle Assessment for all its rigid core products produced in their headquarter facility.

“We see Life Cycle Analysis as a critical tool to assess the environmental impact of a product using standardized methods (ISO 14040 and ISO 14044), tracing the impact throughout its lifecycle—from extraction of raw materials through its manufacturing up to its end-of-life, including transportation, use, and maintenance”, says Konstantin Mishagin, CFL Director of Product Management and Sustainability.

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a process of evaluating the effects that a product has on the environment over the entire period of its life, thereby increasing resource-use efficiency and decreasing liabilities. LCA will help CFL identify key areas for potential improvement such as:

  • Selecting materials that have lower GHG emissions and that do not contribute to resource scarcity, for example abundant, recycled or renewable.
  • Promoting optimized use of resources in our production, reducing the use of energy and water, and waste generation.
  • Creating new sustainable technologies that allow us to reduce the use of materials or improve our transportation-related GHG emissions, for example, our Be-Lite technology or the brand-new digital printing product line coming in 2023.

Generating LCA data further enables CFL Flooring to also develop Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)—transparent and objective reports that communicate how a product impacts the environment across its entire life cycle.

“We see a rapidly growing global demand for quantitative environmental information, especially in the building materials market segment, in particular because it enables our clients to earn credits for sustainable building labels such as LEED, BREEAM®, DGNB and others”, says Thomas Baert, President of CFL Flooring.

CFL appoints new Director of Global Product & Sustainability Management – Konstantin Mishagin

Shanghai, 11th April 2022 – CFL Flooring (Creative Flooring Solutions), a pioneer in manufacturing value-added flooring products, today announced that the appointment of Konstantin Mishagin as the Director of Global Product & Sustainability Management.
In his new position, Konstantin will focus on the further implementation of CFL’s sustainable development strategy across all divisions of the Company, as well as the wider climate strategy aimed at achieving carbon neutrality.

“I’m thrilled to be taking on this new role. Sustainability has become a key focus for us as a company, and I am proud to be at the helm of driving CFL’s new ESG initiatives moving forward” says Konstantin.

Konstantin has been with CFL since 2016 holding leadership roles in product management, compliance and marketing. Prior to joining CFL, Konstantin worked several years with a leading sustainability company Waste2Wear, a pioneer in recycling materials.

Thomas Baert, President of CFL stated “Very confident that Konstantin will bring our company to the next level, his professionalism is widely known and appreciated by all his colleagues.”

CFL Flooring (Creative Flooring Solutions) is the largest manufacturer of SPC and other hybrid flooring products worldwide. The company is recognized globally as an innovator – committed to developing, manufacturing, and marketing sustainable, value-added flooring products. CFL employs over 4500 associates around the world including in the USA, China, Europe, and Vietnam, leveraging years of technical flooring expertise with the common vision of being the leader in flooring innovation. CFL’s extensive patent portfolio made up of hundreds of patents, granted and filed, is a core element in fulfilling this vision, thus protecting the value offered to its valued customers.

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CFL Leads with Patents Granted for the Be-Lite SPC Extrusion Technology

Hong Kong, February 18th, 2022 – CFL Flooring (Creative Flooring Solutions) announced it has been granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the Be-Lite SPC Extrusion Technology used on its acoustic multilayer flooring products and other SPC based products. With similar patents in Europe and in other countries, this stronger protection further reinforces CFL’s position as a leading flooring innovator, providing a wide range of value-added flooring products.

Be-Lite is an embossing technology applied on the bottom surface of a rigid core flooring panel that makes the product lighter without creating any extra production offcuts. The embossing can be of any design or shape all the while providing acoustical reduction.
The reduced weight on the products is more cost-effective, resulting in lower shipping costs and higher returns on investments. With the significantly lower need for production materials, production, handling, transport, and distribution is faster and more efficient. This patented technology also helps improve the products’ acoustic performance and overall stability. Most importantly, the creation of Be-Lite contributes to CFL’s commitment to helping make the industry more sustainable.

“Sustainability within CFL is one of the utmost important objectives throughout our innovation efforts,” says Thomas Baert, Owner, and President of CFL. In the future, he adds that “this revolutionary technology will soon be applied to most SPC and other extruded multilayer flooring products making our industry more sustainable. Thanks to Be-Lite we can make our products lighter, reducing our carbon footprint in the supply chain.”

The Be-Lite SPC Extrusion Technology is commercialized in certain Firmfit and Novocore lines in the US, Europe, and other countries around the world.

President of China Visits

In the context of the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng Liyuan to Belgium, CFL president & co-founder Thomas Baert had the honor of meeting both Mr. Xi as well as the Belgian Royal Couple at the College of Europe in Bruges.

After his meeting with the Chinese president, Thomas Baert, who started working in China 18 years ago and where he co-founded CFL in 2004, was interviewed by the local television channel Focus WTV, mentioning “This is a real coronation for every Belgian person. Today you need to be proud. This is the recognition of the year long cooperation between our province and China. This is a very important moment … the proof of the importance of Bruges and our country.”

Belgium was one of the first Western countries who established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China, in 1971.


CFL Enters Germany – DIBt Certified

The German Institute for Structural Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik – DIBt) has granted CFL the use of its Ü mark of conformity for its laminate and luxury vinyl products. This confirms the products fulfill the strictest requirements within the German market, Germany being known to be one of the strictest countries in Europe regarding harmful substances used in building products.

What is the Ü mark of conformity?

The European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) describes the fundamental requirements on hygiene, health and environment protection.
In Germany, the approval principles for health-evaluation of construction products by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) specify these, especially concerning emissions.
So in Germany, for reasons of health and environment, the Ü mark of conformity on the basis of a national technical approval  (abZ) is required for all laminate or luxury vinyl floor coverings.

U mark



CFL: Floor & Decor’s Vendor of the Year 2013!

Floor & Decor named CFL Wood and Laminate Vendor of the Year 2013 for the second year in a row.
The Company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Floor & Decor currently operates one of the fastest growing DIY chain in North America, with 37 stores in 18 metropolitan markets across the U.S. Stores typically range in size from 60,000 to 80,000 square feet (6000 to 7500m2), and each store stocks approximately 2,500 products.


CFL Laminate floors are 100% anti-bacterial

At CFL we produce flooring that are made for living. CFL Quality Manager, Anthony Drevet, is proud to announce that all our laminate floors are 100% anti-bacterial. “Our floors comply with JIS 2801:2010 standards, which means bacteria and other microbes such as Escheria coli, have no place to grow on our floors, because of the high-resistant coating and closed edges. For the anti-microbial tests, we have worked together with SGS, the industry’s leading testing and certification facilities. “ says Anthony Drevet, “ Bacteria and other microbes can be carried onto the floors via shoes, spilled food and animals, but together with regular cleaning, our floors provides the comforting feeling of healthy surroundings. This anti-bacterial effect is lasting and will not fade over the years of using your floor.” We can conclude that CFL laminate flooring is not only highly resistant to wear and tear, but also 100% anti-bacterial. Making laminate a perfect choice when installing children’s rooms, dining and living areas, fitness rooms and other commercial projects.


CFL goes into LVT

Thomas Baert (President) proudly announces CFL’ plans to start producing and marketing Luxury Vinyl Tile with Valinge licensed technologies for floating installation. Thomas Baert, President at CFL, says “CFL has become a leader in different product categories in a very short time. We are a solid wood, engineered wood and laminate producer , and adding Vinyl is a logic next step. The vinyl partner we have invested in has been a great producer for a long time. CFL brings innovation, a strong customer network and know how on click profiling.”

He adds: “This new joint-venture is a great match and particularly our customers are very excited as they see the benefit of being able to consolidate their purchasing from one company. In order to be successful, companies will need to really understand what different markets need and must, already today, be set up to locally service customers, worldwide. With our “culture for innovation” as well as our existing network of partners around the world, we are well placed to become a strong player in this category.  LVT with click will be the main focus.”

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