CFL goes into LVT

Thomas Baert (President) proudly announces CFL’ plans to start producing and marketing Luxury Vinyl Tile with Valinge licensed technologies for floating installation. Thomas Baert, President at CFL, says “CFL has become a leader in different product categories in a very short time. We are a solid wood, engineered wood and laminate producer , and adding Vinyl is a logic next step. The vinyl partner we have invested in has been a great producer for a long time. CFL brings innovation, a strong customer network and know how on click profiling.”

He adds: “This new joint-venture is a great match and particularly our customers are very excited as they see the benefit of being able to consolidate their purchasing from one company. In order to be successful, companies will need to really understand what different markets need and must, already today, be set up to locally service customers, worldwide. With our “culture for innovation” as well as our existing network of partners around the world, we are well placed to become a strong player in this category.  LVT with click will be the main focus.”

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