CFL signs patent partnership agreement with I4F Flooring for breakthrough engineered stone, wood veneer flooring board

– I4F receives licensing rights for new engineered stone, wood veneer composite base board
– Patented board resolves most moisture, heat issues associated with natural wood flooring
– Environmentally-friendly engineered stone composite works on all floor levels

WILLEMSTAD, CURAÇAO– I4F, a group of companies providing patents and technologies to the flooring industry, today announced that it has signed a patent partnership agreement with CFL Flooring for a new engineered stone, wood veneer composite base flooring board. The breakthrough engineered stone, veneer board resolves virtually all the disadvantages currently associated with natural wood flooring by reducing moisture intake and flammability on any floor level or room type.  In addition to I4F receiving licensing rights for the new board, the partnership also opens up future collaboration in the area of patented technologies.  CFL is fast becoming one of China’s leading flooring manufacturers and a leading Asian flooring innovator.

The new sound absorbing board provides a stone-wood composite base that keeps the wood veneer level dry and heat resistant by substantially retaining moisture and heat within the stone-wood base. As a result, this new board can be used in any room and is particularly suited to those prone to high levels of heat and humidity like wet rooms, kitchens and greenhouses as well as on all floor levels, even basements. The new board is also environmentally-friendly as it uses less wood and eliminates the need for any sub-flooring.

Thomas Baert, President of CFL, said, “We are excited about working with I4F to promote this breakthrough technology. This technology, developed by Mr. Mondo Pallon, is the beginning of many more to come over the next months and years. Innovation is in the DNA of CFL Flooring and now secured through many approved and pending patents.”

 Commenting on the new patent partnership, John Rietveldt, I4F CEO, added, “We believe CFL’s new engineered stone, veneer composite board could become the greatest thing since parquet!  This latest partnership with CFL underscores our strategy to seek out and market flooring technologies that have a profound impact on today’s flooring landscape. This innovation resolves age-old issues linked to natural wood flooring while bringing exciting new possibilities back into the market. We will continue to work, in partnership, with the world’s leading and most innovative companies to find more exciting innovations that truly make a difference.”