CFL in leading industry press:Ready to take the lead in WPC!

[Zhejiang, China] CFL is a top notch production facility up to Western standards located just outside of Shanghai. Founded in 2004 by European owners, CFL has evolved into one of the leading exporters of flooring from Asia by using a laser-like focus on innovation, quality and service. Their collections of products include laminate, luxury vinyl, wood and, since 2015, WPC.

In the past decade, CFL has brought unique and first-to-market innovations to their U.S. flooring partners. A $5 million capital investment for WPC (Water Proof Core) production was initiated in 2015 and production is now fully on stream. This will be followed by another $9 million investment in 2016 for additional machinery and new buildings.

“We continue to grow quickly,” advised Thomas Baert, co-owner of CFL. “In 2015, we will realize growth of approximately 35 percent over 2014, with global sales now at $160 million with 1,500 employees.”

“We are passionate about bringing new innovations across our product categories allowing our worldwide customers to make premium margins,” continued Baert. “For our new WPC brand of waterproof core flooring, we have made the investments to do the same. We are in a unique position to drive a total new booming flooring category.”

As a company, one of the most interesting aspects of CFL (as well as its biggest strength) is the abundance of western executive management staff at the factory. Key executives from more than 10 countries including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Brazil and others are part of the CFL team. CFL has offices and distribution centers in Belgium, U.K., Russia and the U.S. CFL seems to be able to combine the strengths of the East and West.

“That’s a huge factor contributing to CFL’s success,” commented Perry Coker, CEO of the North America division. “We understand the North America market. We identify marketing opportunities, thus bringing new ideas and creative products to our customers. We understand the distribution channel, and the need to partner with a manufacturer that can provide unique style and design across several categories. And we have the flexibility to support private label.”

CFL invites anyone traveling to Asia to visit their corporate manufacturing facilities. FCW will be hosting a group of leading U.S. buyers to China in March during the Domotex Asia/Chinafloor exhibition: CFL will be hosting the U.S. group and will be able to demonstrate because seeing is believing!

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