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Founded by Europeans in 2004 in Shanghai,CFL has grown into “the flooring innovator of Asia”. By producing high value added products at attractive prices we are able to offer unique value to customers worldwide.Our customers acknowledge that we respect the highest international quality standards, that we have a clear distribution strategy and a commitment to the environment and society.

CFL has now grown into a big family headed by staff from 15 different countries across our different locations, combining years of technical flooring expertise.


Be the most innovative flooring company by
  • Investing in research & development.
  • Offering meaningful marketing support through the development of in-house brands online and offline
  • Offering outstanding service to our partners
  • Investing long term in environmental initiatives and social initiatives for our associates.




At CFL we believe that ultimate success can be measured by the creation of value for our customers. CFL continues to invest in R&D and is widely known to be the innovation leader from Asia. We can do this while having our R&D Department throughout our different locations following the market’s latest trends.

Speed to market

The old school still seems to believe that Asia is only a place to produce low end/entry level products.

At CFL, we have a totally different approach.

The need for automation in the West has typically resulted in standardization and commoditization of products. We believe that the value creation starts from differentiation. Smaller machinery is allowing us to innovate quicker and at lower cost. We continue to invent products and machinery that are unique and that can only be produced in Asia. We follow international trends and bring them to the next level.

This value creation results in unique, specially designed products for our customers.


Compliance &

Each flooring plank coming out of the
factory has a number allowing us to
trace back the full production cycle,
certification and supply chain.

Our specialized internal lab allows to double check
specific standards that are required by customers.
Raw material coming into the production has to
pass specific meticulous testing.

External lab results and updated certificates are
confirming that all quality standards are

The Team

CFL has developed into a true international organization with 3500 associates across different continents. We are now a big family headed by staff from 15 different countries across our different locations, combining years of technical flooring expertise.

Our Values


Birth of CFL


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Birth of CFL

7000m2 facility in Shanghai.

20 Employees.

Own wood operations in Heilongjiang province.

Wood production capacity of 120.000 m2.

Laminate production capacity of 1.500.00 m2

Phase 2

January 2005: Phase 2

Expansion of Laminate Capacity
& New Wood Production Facilities

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Phase 2

5 buildings.

Facilities grow to 25.000 m2 ( 269.000 ft2).

400 Employees.

JUNE 2005: Phase 3

New wood Floorign factory of 30.000 m2.

800 Employees.

European offices.

Vertical integration with own saw mill.

Wood production capacity of 500.000m2.

Laminate production capacity of 3.000.000 m2

Phase 3

January 2006: Phase 3

Doubled Capacity

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Phase 3

Double laminated capacity to 6.000.000 m2.

Add 4 laminate presses.

1 200 Employees.

FSC & PEFC certified through own importing of European logs.

50 Kiln dry rooms.

Saw mil capacity: 4.000 m3 / month.

Wood production capacity of 1.200.000 m2.

Laminate production capacity of 6.000.000m2

Phase 4

January 2008: Phase 4

The Move to Southern Shanghai

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Phase 4

Move to JiaShan (Zhejiang).200.000m2 / 2.000.000 ft2 surface, 4-fold increase of production space.

Innovative wood and licensed laminate flooring strategy with fully integrated production.

Current production of over 6.000.000m2 laminate.

1.200.000 m2 wood per year.

Strong expansion underway.

Phase 5

January 2010: Phase 5

Expansion Locally & Abroad

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Phase 5


Continue strategic expansion with key partners.

Distribution setup in Europe completed.

Entry on the Chinese Market

First exclusive retail store opennings in mainland China & Taiwan

Phase 6

JANUARY 2011: Phase 6

Start of Luxury Vinyl Manufacturing

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Phase 6

60,000 m2 production facility

Vertically integrated production from PVC powder to packing of the finished floor planks

State of the art quality lab

400 staff

8million m2 per year capacity

Phase 7

SEPTEMBER 2014: Phase 7

Start of Rigid Core Vinyl Products Manufacturing (WPC)

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Phase 7

$5 million investment in new top notch production facilities

First manufacturer in the category to sign licensing agreements, offering full legal security

Vertically integrated production from PVC powder to packing of the final product

5 million m2 capacity per year

Phase 8

DECEMBER 2016: Phase 8

Breaking ground on new facility expansion

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Phase 8

$20 million investment in new buildings at our headquarters

The facilities will add half a million square feet of new production space

Will also include a new & improved R&D center with focus on continuing to lead the development of waterproof flooring and take the category to a new level

Phase 9

January 2019 : Phase 9

Shipments from CFL Taiwan and CFL Vietnam begin

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Phase 9

Construction of the plants were finished in a record 6 months

Shipments of water resistant laminate and Rigid Core flooring begin

CFL continues its global expansion