At CFL there are 2 main management factors that apply and brought us to lead flooring innovation in Asia


At CFL we believe that ultimate success can be measured by the creation of value for our customers. CFL continues to invest in R&D and is widely known to be the innovation leader from China. We can do this while having an R&D Department in both Europe and China following the market’s latest trends.

The old school still seems to believe that China is only a place to produce low end/entry level products.

At CFL, we have a totally different approach.

The need for automation in the West has typically resulted in standardization and commoditization of products. We believe that the value creation starts from differentiation. Smaller machinery is allowing us to innovate quicker and at lower cost. We continue to invent products and machinery that are unique and that can only be produced in Asia. We follow international trends and bring them to the next level.

This value creation results in unique, specially designed products for our customers.


We believe innovation is highlighted by the complementary role of organizational culture in enabling us as an organization to translate innovative vision & ideas into tangible improvements in performance.

In short, teamwork and confidence are key.

Within such a short history, CFL has managed to pull together a team of not only knowledgeable and experienced but mostly trustworthy and passionate professionals from different horizons (>15 different nationalities) each bringing their own piece to complete the puzzle. We believe this is how ideas form.

At CFL the environment is one of constant development where emphasis and reward comes to those who push the business forward through their ideas, passion and enthusiasm.